Dealing with Diaper Rash

At some point in time, most moms will deal with diaper rash or diaper burn. The usual form of treatment is a store-bought cream that is often thick and pasty and hard to deal with. Not to mention, it smells. (Can you tell I'm not a fan?) I've found that one of my kitchen staples makes a superior diaper rash treatment...

Olive oil. You can use this stuff to treat almost anything.

To make a diaper rash/diaper burn treatment, you'll need two ingredients - olive oil and corn starch. Mix equal parts olive oil and corn starch in a small gladware type container. I usually only mix 1 tablespoon of each at a time because it lasts so long. I have found that mixing the two by simply putting the lid on your storage container and shaking it is easiest. The mixture will separate a bit over time, but there really isn't a need to re-mix it. Just make sure you get enough corn starch from the bottom when you're using it. I've used this on diaper burn (the product of acidic teething poo) and healed it within a day or two. Traditional diaper rash is usually healed within a few hours of application.

Also, if you tend to have dry, cracked hands or chapped lips during the winter season, use olive oil... it seems better than most traditional moisturizers/lotions/chapstick that I've tried.

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