Domestic Homemaker - a calling to be proud of

I've learned in recent months that the art of domestication is fading quickly. Unless you live out in the country with minimal modern conveniences, chances are, that as a wife and possibly a mother, you are caught up in the modern trend of buying everything you need pre-packaged and overpriced.

As a young wife, a mother of 2 small children, and a homemaker (a noble calling long overlooked for its value) I am always on the lookout for practical, economical ways of serving my family in the home.

The term "domestic" may be offensive to some, possibly sounding too old fashioned to be a good thing in our modern age. But I do not mention it to be negative. In fact, when you look at a few meanings of the word, I see nothing negative about it. According to websters.com, here are a few meanings...

domestic - duh-mes-tic
1.of or pertaining to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family: domestic pleasures.
2.devoted to home life or household affairs.

I love being a homemaker. I love being a wife and I love being a mother. I love learning how to be creative and practical in my own home. So, the word "domestic" and even the word "homemaker" are two words, two callings I am thankful for. :)


daniel.vos said...

And I love you!

Cilla said...

Rebekah - Just came across this, and love it! I'll have to mention to my Mom to look at it too. :)Also, my blog has the same background, etc. as you chose for yours! :) Check mine out sometime when you have a bit of time. I love you all. Hope things are going well there and you're enjoying the beautiful colors and smells of fall!! blessings, Cil