Erin's First Meal

I have been known to follow a more "non-traditional" way of doing things... I home-birth, I make most of our foods, household cleaners, etc from scratch. I made 90% of Patrick's baby food...

But, I'm not planning on making baby food this go around. I will if I need to, but I figure, if Erin is really, truly ready for food, she will be able to handle "normal" foods in their softened form. But, no watering down, no pureeing... So, today, just shy of 6 months old, Erin got her first "proper" meal... apple sauce (unsweetened, of course). She has been showing interest in real foods, and I figured, "Why not?" Here's what she thought.

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Cilla said...

hey Rebekah! I haven't checked back to see your blog since I saw the first post...wow, you've put quite a lot of neat and helpful tips up here. AND i LOVED the video clip of Erin learning to eat applesauce. :) thanks! love you ALL, cilla