Practicality at its cheapest...

Okay, so lets face it... as wives and mothers, we are constantly in the war against germs. They give us the sniffles, possibly a fever and maybe even a sore throat or two. Not to mention, infection in a scraped knee or a red and swollen (a.k.a. infected) cut finger. So, what are we going to do about it?

That's right... disinfect.

Traditionally, we have kitchen cleaners to prevent the spread of germs in our food areas and we have our medicine cabinets to prevent infections in open wounds. Okay, besides avoiding the spread of germs, what do these two things have in common?

Rubbing alcohol. Seriously.

Rubbing alcohol is wonderful... its cheap, it prevents infection and it makes the best kitchen (and window!) cleaner.

Okay, go buy some rubbing alcohol... I prefer the 91% kind, but 70% works just fine. If you don't have an old one from over-priced commercial cleaners, buy a spray bottle while you're at it (you can find them in the household cleaners aisle). Now, go to your kitchen. Pull out your 1 cup measuring cup (or, if you have a 2 cup or more spouted measuring cup, mix ingredients in here and then transfer to the spray bottle once complete). Measure out 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Pour into the spray bottle. Measure out one cup water. Pour into the spray bottle. Grab your white vinegar and a 1 Tablespoon measuring spoon. Measure out 1T white vinegar and pour into the spray bottle. If you happen to have some essential oils on hand (I like lavender and eucalyptus - these also happen to be great germ killing oils ) dump a few drops into the mix to make it smell good. Attach spray nozzle.

You have now made the most cost efficient, and the best germ killing kitchen cleaner around. It also works great when sprayed directly on small, open wounds. And, it will make glass cleaner than any you've ever seen. :)


The Sinks said...

Hey, I came to your blog from your facebook page. I clean with equal parts vinegar and water, but never thought about adding rubbing alcohol and essential oils to it. Great idea, I can't wait to try it! Do you think it will work if I just add it to the vinegar/water cleaner I already have made up?

DiaDuit said...

I think you could just add the rubbing alcohol. I would probably add 1 part rubbing alcohol to what you already have made. You can always just dump the essential oils in there until it smells the way you want it to. :)

The thing I like about using the rubbing alcohol better than vinegar (I've tried both what you mentioned and this kind) is that it helps the liquid to evaporate - hence why it actually is a wonderful glass cleaner. The only down side to this is that you don't want your kids getting into it, whereas the mix you use would be fine.

Rachel said...

Hi! I'm a childhood friend of Daniel's. :) I would have met you at his parents house for the baby shower they threw for you, but I gave birth that morning instead.

I use vinegar and water as well, and really like it for cleaning glass. Yeah, it takes longer to evaporate, but the glass sparkles. AND my four year old loves to help me, so it is perfectly safe for her.

If vinegar/water is streaking, you can wipe the glass down with rubbing alcohol to get whatever is built up off the glass. This really works, too!