Chapstick - sometimes, you just have to buy quality stuff

Okay, so I mentioned several posts back that olive oil has a multitude of uses from cooking to diaper rash treatment, etc. Olive oil is also an excellent lip balm. However, it is unlikely that you can take a small vial of olive oil with you wherever you go... Of course, you could try taking some with you, but it might end up in an oily mess. :-p

If you're like me, in the winter months especially, chapstick needs to be on hand at all times. I have done my share of experimenting with different chapsticks (its a shame I haven't been hired to be a tester...) and I thought, until last week, that I had found the perfect kind. I've tried Chapstick brand, I've tried more than one Blistex brand, I've tried Softlips... the list could go on and on. I have used softlips for the last several years, though I was still always on the lookout for something better. Unfortunately, in the last year or so, softlips just hasn't worked as well as I would like... even with several applications throughout the day and right before bed, I would still wake up with dry, sometimes cracked, lips.

So last week in my efforts to follow through with the more "natural" approach, I purchased Burts Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil... Until then, I had thought of this brand as being a bit too pricey (I did the math, and its actually cheaper/gram than softlips). I went ahead and bought some and found out rather quickly that I LOVE it. The main two ingredients are sunflower seed oil and beeswax. So, it stands to reason that it both hydrates and protects without adding any unnecessary chemicals. Besides, all the ingredients listed can actually be pronounced by the average human being. (In fact, if you're trying to be healthy, a good rule of thumb is to not buy anything with ingredients you can't pronounce.)

Anyway, potentially rambling story short, I bought Burts Bees lip balm and don't plan on going back. I need to use this kind less often than softlips or any other brand and it actually feels as if its healing dry skin, not just treating the symptoms. :)

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