Dabbling with that thing called "gardening" (Part 2)...

Today was another beautiful day, so I had no excuse but to go work on my garlic bed. It was a bit cooler than I would have deemed ideal for working outside, but its probably one of the warmest days we'll get for a while, so out I went!

I have to admit, I really know virtually nothing about growing garlic, short of the necessity to plant it in the fall. I figure, there is something to be said for the willingness to experiment (and to possibly fail!), so I put all I had into making this plot usable.

As I mentioned in a previous post, earlier this week I went out and tilled it up a bit, added some leaves and watered the plot. I haven't done anything since then.
So, I tilled up the ground once more. The picture above shows the rich soil color underneath the top layer. YAY for compost!
I tilled up the entire plot (as seen above). Then, I started planting (see below) the garlic (all you need are individual garlic cloves to use as seeds). Side note: wearing a gardeners hat makes you a real gardener, right? :-p
I planted the cloves with the tops pointing up. I'm assuming this is how its done.

Then I covered the cloves with dirt and added freshly fallen leaves that had been strewn all over our yard. I finished my gardening expedition by watering the plot. Now, I wait. I can't expect much to happen until spring, but my hope is to have at least 15 home-grown cloves of garlic ready to be harvested sometime in late spring/early summer just in time to plant tomatoes!

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