I love Fridays!

But not for the reason you might think. Sure, its nice that the weekend is here, but as a homemaker, my work really never ends (a fact that I am thankful for!), so Friday, Monday, it's pretty much all the same to me.

Friday is the day that I often stay home with the kiddos. Sometimes we have a friend over for a play date, but sometimes - like today - we don't. This morning, I decided to make a yummy breakfast - something a bit more exciting than Cheerios. I made breakfast burritos. Yummmmm!

(L: Patrick's burrito. R: Mommy's burrito.)

I made them with eggs, black beans, cheddar cheese, and four cheese con queso.

Patrick waited patiently for his breakfast. :)

Patrick has this thing about stretching his feet out to rest them on the table while he eats. He does this almost without fail every time we eat. Patrick enjoyed his breakfast. :)
Then, it was Erin's turn to eat. She got pumpkin. While this may not look super appetizing to you, Erin seemed to enjoy it!She ate most of the pumpkin.

I'd say we had a great morning!

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