Scrabble Night

Having two kids under two is such a huge blessing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. As a result, though, it does make going out on dates a bit challenging. (We do have loads of free help - thanks Mom and Sarah! - but we don't want to abuse their generosity.) Yet, spending time together to reconnect after a long week or just having that time to laugh with (or at, depending on the situation) each other is something we prioritize. In the last month or so, Daniel and I have tried to get creative with dates at home. We've made Friday nights our "Scrabble night."

Usually I try to make something fun for dinner - we've done French toast and eggs, pancakes, homemade pizza. Then, Daniel plays "tickle monster" with Patrick and tends to Erin as I clean up the kitchen. Around 7:30, we put the kiddos to bed and the Scrabble match begins! (I usually win.) Sometimes we make pop corn on the stove - yummy! - or we snack on any candy we might have in the house. Its just a fun time to sit together and to really enjoy the other's company. We've also added watching "Crusoe" into our Friday night routine.

I love Scrabble night and Daniel does, too. We feel so blessed that the Lord brought us together and it really is worth setting aside a few hours on a Friday night just to spend with one another. Its amazing how easy it is to build great memories together at home without spending any unnecessary money.

So, tonight, be creative. Think of something you and your loved one enjoy doing together and find a way of turning it into a free date, at home. :)

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