Sick Kiddos

Today has been interesting. Yesterday, Daniel and I tag-teamed staying home with the kids because Patrick's nose was dripping like a fire hose and I'm sure the parents of the other kids in the nursery, not to mention the nursery workers, would prefer that he not leave his germs all over the toys in the nursery. So, Daniel went to Sunday school and I went to church. Last night, Erin started coming down with the same chest cold/runny nose. :( The poor little thing can hardly breathe.

Of course, chest colds do not magically disappear over night, so today I had two drippy nosed, coughing kiddos. Erin, who hates to cry (just like me) and will do everything in her power to prevent crying, definitely shed some tears throughout the day. Between the necessity to care for and comfort Erin, the need to wipe Patrick's nose and his desire to be held more than usual, I felt like I wasn't able to accomplish anything...

But, sometime mid-morning I realized that I was accomplishing something. God gave me extra opportunities today to love and nurture my children. What greater thing could I have hoped for? :)

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The Sinks said...

Sorry to hear you all are sick! Hope they get better soon, and way to keep a great perspective on things!