Precious Patrick

This morning, I took the kiddos to Mom 2 Mom that meets at one of the local churches. I LOVE M2M and am so blessed to be getting to know other Christian women who are in similar life phases. It is also a fabulous for both Patrick and Erin to be around their own peers for several hours at a time. Of course, this means that by the time we get home, both kiddos are tired.

Today, Erin fell asleep on the drive home. So, I carefully lugged her into the house and placed her (still in her carrier) on the sofa while I went to get Patrick. Once we were all back in the house, I gingerly attempted to unbuckle and lift Erin from her carrier without waking her. (This worked beautifully until I actually lifted her out! grrrrr...) Even though I woke her up during the transition, I still put Erin down in her bed, hoping she would go back to sleep (she didn't).

When I came back to the living room, this is what I found.

Precious Patrick!


Cilla said...

I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I saw this one of him!!! It's hilarious! I miss and love him.- aunty Cilla

Janey said...

of course, he's ready for his next adventure!! oma j