Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, Scrabble Night and the like

On top of having much to be thankful for, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We started our day with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and homemade, whole wheat biscuits with butter and honey. Yummmmm...We spent a relatively quiet morning at home and let Patrick enjoy his afternoon nap before heading down to Granddad's house for a Thanksgiving feast! Patrick spent a portion of his morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. When the Sesame Street float came along, he was stunned and proclaimed, "Wow..."
We had a wonderful time with family down at Granddad's house. Patrick seemed to enjoy himself, too...Patrick spent a few moments cuddled up in his Great-Grandpa's lap looking as content as can be. Of course, the moment was too short to capture on "film" (or should I say "memory card"?) in its entirety... such is Patrick's life. It's difficult to say what Patrick was up to here... but it's pretty clear that he was happy. :)
Patrick had a grand time "playing football" with the guys. (Or maybe he just took their ball? )

Erin had a grand time as well, being doted upon by her Gramma, Great-Aunt Cathy, Aunty Sarah, cousins, etc. She took a nice, long nap during the dinner hour and was happy as a clam for the entire visit. (I should have more pics to post at a later date.) As the afternoon/evening progressed, Erin learned a new trick... saying "Bababa..." Too cute!

For my family, Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas season (yes, I said season!). So, this morning, Dad, Daniel, Patrick and I went hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. We found the perfect one and look forward to setting it up tomorrow. The Christmas tree place was closed today, so we tagged our tree and Dad and Mom's tree and Daniel and Dad will go back in the morning to cut them.

I LOVE Christmastime and can't wait to have our tree up. Of course, with 2 kids under 2, we had to make a few adjustments to our tree-selecting as Daniel and I determined the tree needs to be placed in the dining room this year, out of Patrick's reach. Patrick spends most of his time in our front two rooms (the living room and the study), and the living room is the most logical place for a tree, but one can't leave a nearly 20 month old alone with a full-size Christmas tree for any extended period of time... So, we decided it would have to go in the dining room this year. This, however, meant that we needed to choose a much smaller tree than we might normally have picked. I'm confident we found the tree to match our new "regulations", so I look forward to putting it up and decorating it tomorrow. (Now, if we could only figure out how we're going to get power to the lights...)

Tonight is Scrabble Night. I love Scrabble Night. Its a great at-home date-night with Daniel. Since Crusoe doesn't come on tonight (it has moved to Saturday nights), we're planning on watching "The Bishop's Wife" - a great black-and-white Christmas film introduced to us by friends from church. We love this film, so I have much to look forward to this evening.

Before the Scrabble Night festivities begin, however, dinner will take place. We're having black bean burritos with salsa for dinner. :)

As I said at the beginning of my post, I have much to be thankful for.

A God who loves and sent His Son to die for me
Beautiful children
Family and extended family
Good health

I hope any of you who are reading this had a fabulous Thanksgiving and I hope you have much to be thankful for. By the grace of my Heavenly Father, I certainly do!

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