Christmas Trees and Gingerbread Houses

As promised, here are pictures of our beautiful Christmas tree. I think we really did find the perfect one this year! :)

As you can see, there is a pretty distinct blue and silver theme. I'm all about themed trees - they just look elegant and organized. Of course, not everyone likes this and to balance out theme with family, there is a small smattering of "sentimental" or "more personal" ornaments. Among the sentimental ornaments are one we purchased in Williamsburg on our honeymoon, several ducks in honor of Patrick's nursery theme, a few in honor of Erin's existence from last year, and one marking Daniel and my first Christmas together from 2006.

Here is another (kind of blurry!) photo, but with more cozy lighting - a bit more the way it actually looks in person without the harsh photo light.
Last year, Sarah and I started the "tradition" of decorating gingerbread houses and watching "Home Alone" (no Christmas season is complete without viewing this *cough* 'timeless classic' hehehe). So, last night, we had our 2nd annual Gingerbread Decorating Movie Fest. Twas grand! We were too frumpy to take photos of us with our gingerbread houses, but here are a few photos of our incredible masterpieces. :) Sarah's is on the left and mine is on the right.
I LOVE the holidays!

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Janey said...

did Patrick say WoW when he saw the houses? very cute! Promise hopes to do one soon; she started a tradition last year after seeing yours!! oma ps. I love my pix from Patrick!! Brown and blue are fav colors of mine!