Non-Scrabble night

Tonight, Daniel and I took a break from Scrabble night... we were blessed by my parents' generosity to watch the kiddos, so we went out for a date!!! We kept it simple by going to Burger King and then we went over to the mall to enjoy the Christmas decorations.

One thing we've learned in our nearly 2.5 years of marriage is that its not the "niceness" of the date that makes them enjoyable, it's the company. So, for us, dinner at Burger King and then a stroll around the mall was a perfect, causal way to just enjoy being with each other without the kids. (Of course, we LOVE our kids, but we like some time by ourselves, too. :))

Anyway, the point of the post is this - expensive, fancy dates are great, but so are the super-casual fast-food ones. God has given us the ability to find joy in the everyday situations just as much as the extraordinary ones. So, when that fancy date is not a great option, make the most of a casual night out. :) It's the company, not the location, that really makes the difference.


The Sinks said...

One Christmastime date that Johnny and I always enjoy is getting coffee at Mill Mountain then walking over to the Hotel Roanoke to look at all the Christmas trees (various businesses put up trees all around the hotel, and they're really neat to look at). They also have a lobby with a chess board and checker board, so if you have time, you can sit and play a few games with each other too, or just sit and talk by the fire. So fun!

Rebekah said...

Ooh, what a great idea! :)