Perspective on a Child's First Christmas

Okay, so with the hectic nature of the Christmas season hitting in full force (or, maybe it's just life?) I don't feel as though I have much new to offer in the way of posts. As of now, I've shared most of my creative domestic tips, plus a whole album's worth of photos, and a few videos... I did realize one thing, though, when Daniel and I were talking last night.

Baby's First Christmas = Commercial Marketing Hayday.

Last year, Daniel and I gave Patrick a few fun, cute gifts. But here's the thing, short of the photos we have of Christmas morning, he really wasn't all that into things. He sort of liked the bow on top of his "big gift." Otherwise, he really didn't care. Sure, he liked the gifts we gave him, but he would have been just fine without them.

As I have mentioned before, having two kids under two means that we have more toys than our house can handle. Some are large, but most are small and can easily make any given room look like a hurricane came plowing through - leaving countless chunks of debris in various shapes, colors, and sizes behind.

Please don't read that I'm not thankful for these toys, because I am. Most have been given to us, and I am very, very thankful for the generosity bestowed upon us. But, I am saying that our children do not need any more toys for their age-range. Because their ages are so close - 13 months to the day - they pretty much like the same toys. While Erin can't enjoy everything Patrick likes, Patrick often finds Erin's toys interesting.

So, what am I getting at? Unless I am overcome by an overwhelming need to go buy something useless, we won't be buying the kids anything for Christmas this year. Besides, we can probably go looking through the boxes of toys we have stored away and find something suitable to place a bow on and hide under the tree.

Or, I could just buy a box of fruit snacks for Patrick and a can of pumpkin for Erin. They would enjoy the contents, but seriously... It's the paper and the bows that are the most fun at their ages. Or, maybe I could give him an empty cereal box...

Just last night, I gave Patrick an empty oatmeal canister to play with. He loved it. In a day or two, I'll throw it out and he probably won't miss it. I'll repeat this in a few weeks when our next oatmeal canister is empty.

In a nut shell, don't waste any money on buying all this fluff for a kid's first Christmas. They won't remember it and you won't add any more rubble to the living room. :)


Marcie said...

What about giving them a box of bows and boxes? :o)

Rebekah said...

Marcie - GREAT idea! Of course, the bows will have to be carefully monitored to make sure they're 20 month old proof, but I think that's brilliant!