A Very Full Day

Yesterday, a friend of mine (who is a piano teacher) and I took our students to a local assisted living facility so our students could put on a Christmas concert for the residents. Having worked in a retirement home, I know what a joy this can be for the residents - especially those who either do not get to see children often, or those who do not have family around. I've also seen how much they enjoy music. So, for the 3rd Christmas season in a row, Amanda and I organized this service project.

While it may seem an odd location, we chose to perform in the dining room. Besides the fact that the room itself is beautiful, the original idea behind this location was to make it comfortable and personal, not formal like regular recitals are.

I have always made it a point to stress with my students that God has given them musical talent and that through these concerts, they are using their talents to both serve God and to bless the residents living in the assisted living facility. The focus is on service, not on the musicians.

I think this year we saw the biggest turn out among the residents. Instead of having a proper reception after the concert, the retirement facility provided cookies and drinks during the concert. This made a more casual, more personal environment among the students, parents and residents.

All of our students performed beautifully! While I was unable to get photos of everyone, we did get a few good pictures during the concert. :)

Amanda and I each had the opportunity to play a duet with one of our students.

Once the concert was over, I was able to get photos in front of their beautiful Christmas tree with each of my students. Me with Olivia.

Me with Luke.

Molly and me.

Yesterday evening, Daniel and I took the kiddos over to Dad and Mom's house to enjoy dinner over there and to help decorate for Christmas. I've always loved decorating their house, so it was an honor to get called upon to help with the tree again this year! Here are some photos from yesterday afternoon before going to Dad and Mom's and then a few of yesterday evening.

Daniel and me in front of our Christmas tree at home.

Erin - enjoying her newly brought out exersaucer. Look at that pludge! :) Of course, at 7 months of age, pludge is cute. :)

I just love this outfit on her. :)

Me - decorating their tree. I think it is lovely. :)

A few photos in front of Mom and Dad's (decorated) tree. He was a squirmy little guy, but we managed to get a few precious photos.

As I mentioned earlier, we pulled out Erin's exersaucer for the first time yesterday (she does have one at my parents' house, but she hasn't played in ours before). She definitely enjoyed it, but apparently Patrick was impressed by it, too... as evidenced by this video.

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