"Necessity is the mother of invention..." ~ Little Women

The above quote from one of my favorite movies - "Little Women" - seems to become more and more applicable as time goes on. As I mentioned in my previous post, sickness seems to abound right now and as such, there is often a necessity that I am unable to just run to the store for. Let's face it - with two kids under two, "just running" anywhere isn't really running, and in fact, it resembles more of a snail's pace by the time I get from point a to point b without careful planning.

This morning, the need for a humidifier/vaporizer arose due to Erin's horrible cough. Poor thing sounded like she was coughing up a lung (fear not, she sounds a bit better now). We don't currently own a humidifier and going out wasn't really an option since Erin's cough was so bad.

So, here is how I treated it...

1 - I took Erin to the bathroom (it is small, so it doesn't take a lot to fill it with steam), turned the shower on Hot only, plugged the drain, and dumped a mixture of epsom salts, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil into the floor of the tub. As the steam filled the air, so did the vicks-like vapors from the essential oils. Erin seemed to be coughing more productively during and after our vapor steam session.

2 - I have a small "dip size" crock pot. I figured that crock pots are designed to be plugged in for hours at a time, so it was a perfect humidifier when the lid is kept off. I filled the crock pot about 1/2 way full with warm water, added some of the essential oils and placed it in a safe location in the kids' room (Patrick doesn't play in there, so there is no danger of him coming into contact with it). Throughout the day, I've added water or oils as necessary. I've also kept the kids' bedroom door closed in effort to keep the humidity contained.

Both seem to have helped minimize Erin's cough. Of course, a humidifier is now on the list of upcoming purchases, but this has helped to get us through the day without an unnecessary trip out!

So, for those of you with small children, when you see a necessity arise, look through your kitchen/house. You probably will have something available that, while crude, will work just as well as the devices designed for the said purpose. Yes, you will eventually need to go get whatever, but at least you can make-do until your next planned outing. God gave us creativity... use it. :)

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