This past week has been challenging.

Because we all got sick last Friday with the stomach bug and took a few days to recover, we were unable to attend church on Sunday.

Because Erin had a low fever was obviously not feeling well on Monday, we were unable to attend CBS leaders' council.

Erin remained sick on Tuesday and finally started to feel marginally better on Wednesday, but because of her illness we missed CBS on Tuesday and we stayed home on Wednesday.

This morning, I missed Mom2Mom because the kids' noses were (and still are) running like faucets. Not to mention, it's 22* outside. Cold weather and runny noses simply don't mix. Besides, I didn't want to risk causing Erin to relapse as she is still not quite 100%.

As I like having regularly scheduled things to attend, this week has been challenging for me. Please don't misunderstand... I also like having days where I stay home as these days tend to provide structure for laundry, cleaning, and regular playtime with the kids. Our usual weekday routine provides the balance for this - out three mornings per week, home two full days per week. But, I can easily get worn down when I am unexpectedly home for several days in a row. This week has been no exception.

My mom has been a great encouragement to me through this - she has gently reminded me throughout this week that I am home taking care of my children. What greater calling could I ask for? I have a husband who loves me, who loves our children, and who works diligently so that I can stay home. (I love you, Daniel!) God has called me to be a homemaker and sometimes being a homemaker means, well... staying home! ;) I can find joy in knowing that I am fulfilling His calling for me.

Lest you think I've been "stuck" at home all week, I haven't. I have had a few breaks in the last few days thanks to Mom and to Daniel. Earlier in the week, Mom came over for a surprise visit (one of the perks of living 1 mile apart!) and treated me to Starbucks. Part of the surprise was that I got to go pick it up! It is amazing how much joy can come from 15 minutes alone in the car and from a visit with Mom - she always has something encouraging to say. Then last night, Daniel gave me the night off and I was able to go to the bridal shop with my sister - the bride-to-be - and most of her bridesmaids to try on the dresses. This was wonderful! (What girl doesn't like playing dress up every now and again?) So, I have had some great opportunities for "mommy time" this week even though I've had two children in differing stages of illness to care for.

While this week has certainly been different than I expected, and while I have missed some things that I love attending, this week has also been a week of growth in the Lord and unexpected time home with my children. I have been reminded this week that when things go differently than I have planned - as they are apt to do - try not to focus on the "But I...". Rather, by the grace of God, I try to focus on the joys of the unexpected, knowing that I am exactly where He wants me. What greater joy could I ask for?

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jlarsonrn said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Since I've been in the house all week (except for taking Annika to the pediatrician for her 2 year checkup) I've been feeling down. I appreciate your words of wisdom!