Photo Tag

I was tagged to do this by Amanda A. So, here goes. :)

1.Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2.Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3.Explain the picture.
4.Tag 4 people to do the same.This is Daniel's "artistic" shot of our brunch table on New Year's morning. We were literally about to sit down and eat. As you can see, my sister was pouring juice, Dad and mom were about to sit down and if you look very carefully at the upper, left hand corner opposite the Christmas tree, you can see Patrick's socked feet resting on the edge of the table. This meal was very similar to our Christmas Brunch. We're hoping to make this a regular tradition - hosting Christmas and New Year's brunch. This was the first year we have done it, but it has been so much fun already that we hope to continue!

I'm tagging: Tammy C., Brooke H., Rebecca J., and Heidi G. Have fun!

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