The Return of Scrabble Night

Now that the holidays are officially over - and have been for quite some time - and now that the kiddos seem to be on the mend - praise God! - Daniel and I are trying to get back into our usual Friday night date night at home.

Hence, this evening brings with it the return of Scrabble Night and the promise of popcorn. :) Friday nights are perfectly good for date nights - in or out. But, considering that it is a balmy 14* right now, I seriously think I would rather stay in.

For those of you without any set plans this evening, you might consider staying in - it is practically sub-zero out there... Why would you go out? Even if you only own one game or a deck of cards, surely you can make it a fun date night at home.

Oh, and tonight is a great night for split pea soup. :)

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