"Guck - a - boo!"

Patrick still loves to play peek-a-boo... Here is a very short video of him playing this game. "Guck-a-boo" (rhymes with "duck") is his pronunciation of it. :)

(Sorry the video is blurry... I guess I didn't get it to focus properly before I started taping.)


Valerie said...

I heard Patrick say peek-a-boo .... he's doing really well with the whole unvoiced labial aspirate thing. :)

Anonymous said...

He obviously said peek-a-boo. There was an aspiration on that 'p' that was like an explosion. And the vowel was entirely an [i:]. Patrick's phonological development is perfectly on track.

Janey said...

how darling!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to playing peek a boo with Patrick and Erin! oma j

Cilla said...

Very, very cute!!
Love him sooo much!
p.s. looks like he's wearing the red slippers i gave him at Christmas time. :)