Just Because

I've spent large portions of this week tending to a sick/teething 9 month old and trying to nurture my 22 month old, all the while trying to keep our schedule as "normal" as possible (of course, with two under two, normal is extremely subject to change at the drop of a hat!). I can't even begin to tell you what all we've done this week because we've been home so much and our outings have been rather spontaneous. But, this week has included several visits with Gramma, attending Mom to Mom yesterday, and this morning an outing to Gramma's and to the mall for a walk.

Erin is a very "roll-with-the-punches" child, that it doesn't take much to keep her content and happy. Patrick, however, loves to explore. Therefore, my original intent for the day was to take the kids on a stroll through the cemetery (a really nice place to walk, actually!). But, it was on the verge of raining. So, I called Mom to see if she could keep Erin for her morning nap while I took Patrick to the mall for a walk/exploration. Of course, Mom takes full advantage of any opportunity to see her grandkids - I think she likes seeing me a little, too :-p - so she readily agreed.

I left Erin with Mom and off Patrick and I went to the mall. We walked (well, Patrick was in his umbrella stroller) around and around, exploring every niche in the mall there was to find. Patrick was enthralled as he sat, mostly silently, taking it all in. Every now and then, he might say "Oh WOW!" or babble in a language only understood by him, but it was a very nice mommy-Patrick date. After our exploration, we went back to Gramma's house for a short visit before I needed to get the kids home for their naps.

(Just yesterday, Patrick wailed as we pulled out of their driveway when I dropped Erin off before M2M... he wanted to go in, too! - So, I figured it was only fair to let him go in and explore there for a while, too. Besides, a visit with Mom is always nice!)

Tonight marks the arrival of another Scrabble Night. Daniel and I love Scrabble Night and are definitely looking forward to our date night at home. :)

All-in-all, it has been a good week - tiring, yes. But good. Thankfully, Erin seems to be on the mend, Patrick has nothing worse than a cough and I get to spend a relaxing evening at home with my husband. What more could I ask for? God is good!

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