Bum Genius One Size ~ 3.0

They don't call them Bum Genius for nothing. These things are truly brilliant! My diapers order arrived today and I couldn't be more excited. :)
I ordered 7 *mostly* gender neutral diapers and think they're adorable.

The diaper really is one size - using snaps, they are adjustable. The pink is L, orange is M, and blue is S. Pretty amazing that one diaper can grow so much.

The next photo isn't very good - the flash was too bright - but you can (sort of) see the pocket for the inserts. If I know the diaper is going to be on for longer than average because we're out somewhere or something, I might use 1 regular insert and one newborn insert.

The pocket with a newborn insert...
The diapers came with two inserts each - newborn and adjustable. The adjustable in the next photo are shown in their full length. If you look carefully at the adjustable inserts, you can see the snaps in the middle on the right half... this is how you adjust the length.

Stuffed diapers.
My stash...
For those of you who already CD, obviously this is nothing new. For those of you new to the CD idea, this may prove to be insightful - these aren't the cloth diapers your grandmother used! :)


Sassy and Classy said...

Very cool! When we are blessed with children I plan on using cloth diapers so your "experiment" was very interesting to me! Love how they adjust!

Janey said...

enjoy! btw, the colors are so fresh and nice! xo Jane