Cloth Diapers - Help Please!

So, after some consideration and a conversation with a cloth-diapering friend today (thanks, Brooke!), I'm seriously considering cloth diapers. Since Patrick is nearly 2, I'm not likely to try much with him, but since Erin has at least another a year of diapering ahead, I thought now might be a good time to begin dabbling with CDs.

At present, Patrick's diapers cost 29 cents each and Erin's cost 25 cents. While this may not sound like much, we spend an average of $2.75-3.25/day on diapers. This comes out to nearly $1100/year just on baby waste.

As I mentioned in my last post, the cost of diapers has gone up - and I imagine it will do so again before we're done diapering. This having been said, I'm considering using both cloth and disposables.

Here is my thought... if we were to use 3 cloth diapers/day - one on Patrick during nap time and two on Erin - one for nap time and one for night - we can save just over the cost of 1 box of diapers per month - possibly more. If I buy 6 one-size cloth diapers at $115, give or take a little, they should pay themselves off in 5 months, possibly a little less.

So, for those of you who CD, what do you think? I'm looking into the Fuzzi Bunz One Size diapers, so we won't have to get different sizes as Erin grows and so we can buy one size and use them both for Patrick and Erin if we want. Then, if we have more children, we can still use them. Why did you decide to CD, whch diapers do you like and is CD worth it? Thanks!


Rebecca said...

I have a cloth diapering tag on my blog that might be helpful. I think my best single post on the topic is here: http://www.achairofbowlies.com/2008/08/cloth-diapering-again.html

And here are all my posts about it: http://www.achairofbowlies.com/search/label/cloth%20diapering

Hope that helps! I really love cloth diapers!

Emily said...

This is brief because I'm going to bed:
1 - YAY! Good decision to CD. It is totally worth it.

2 - I've never tried Fuzzi Bunz, but I LOVE Bum Genius one-size. Also, if you're going to use one or two for Patrick, I'd go with a Mommy's Touch one size. I use those mostly with Jack, who is 2.5, and they seem to fit bigger kids better.

3 - There are reasons beyond cost and saving the environment - disposables have chemicals in them that are bad for babies and cause/exacerbate diaper rash.

4 - Buying used diapers is totally not gross, so don't be afraid to shop DiaperSwappers.com or craigslist. I also love ordering from Nickisdiapers.com - they rarely charge shipping and they ship very fast.

5 - You can recoup some of the cost of your diapers by selling them when you're done with them - making them still more affordable.

6 - My suggestion is to ease into CD-ing. Buy one or two, see what you like, use them interchangeably with the 'sposies and get used to them (also let the kids get used to them - mine love them). It's also a lot easier on the budget to spend, say, $25 on two diapers at a shot than 115 on several more.

7 - Cleaning is not hard or scary. If you have questions on that, let me know.

Have fun!!! It's addicting, and so fun.

~Emily Lapish

Emily said...

-- OK, so that wasn't so brief. Haha.

Jennifer H. said...

Yay for cloth diapering!

Although it may seem less cost-effective initially, it is probably worthwhile to get a few different kinds to start with (one of each), and have a cloth diaper day to try them all out (or borrow some, if you know anyone else who does cloth). Who knows, you might even like the prefold + diaper cover method (way cheaper than Fuzzi Bunz or BumGenius). Or your kiddos might not like the way a certain brand fits.

I've never tried FB's. I use BumGenius one-size (3.0) from www.cottonbabies.com. A common complaint with both BG and FB is that if you use too much soap and/or don't rinse them really well, and "strip" them regularly (using Dawn dish soap in the wash), they can stink of ammonia. Mine do that some. It may also depend on water supply.

You really do need to wash them every other day, or every three days at the very most, no matter how many diapers you've gone through in that time period. It gets super stinky otherwise, and probably isn't good for the elastic & waterproofing.

Once you get a good routine going, it really doesn't feel like that much work.

Those are my disjointed thoughts. Hope it helps!


emily rhudy said...

yeah! cloth diapers are awesome! super money saver and really not that hard. i have the bum genuis one size and love them. i would suggest getting like 24 as aposed to 12. i have 12 that i use on both kids and i use disposable when were out or other random times but you have to do a lot more wash so i want more, and i aggree with the other emily that used ones are great and you can sell yours so really they are so worth it!!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

Hello! I found your blog through Krisha's...we CD when we're at home (and I brought some prefolds this time for our "long" stay). We've been doing it since Caedmon was 4 months old and I love it! On him, we mostly use bumgenius one size. I have some fuzzi bunz, but like the BG better. We also use prefolds and covers. PS-for him and naps/overnights, 'sposies leak more/worse than CDs do. We hardly ever have leaks with our CDs. We also just got our supply for Baby Girl. I'd love to talk to you about our experience!

The Sinks said...

I've already emailed with you about it, but I'll just say again GO FOR IT! :)

Julie said...

Hey, there's a good entry at www.passionatehomemaking.com on cloth diapers. Check it out! Love to you guys.