Gardening Part 2

While it has been rainy the last two days, the beginning of the week was nice and sunny... chilly, but sunny. So, I took advantage of the sun and worked more on my garden. Last week, I extended the width of the garden to make sure we had enough room for everything I'm hoping to plant.

Before I made the garden larger... (about 4ft by 12ft)

After - now about 6x12.

This week, I added in a minuscule amount of compost, and 3 bags of manure.
Once the manure and compost were mixed in, the plot was still rather lumpy...
As I intended to plant some spinach and lettuce, I figured I needed to level it out a bit, so I walked back and forth on it, trying to even the soil out a bit. Though a very basic system, it worked rather well.
I used an old paint stick to make two rows for my greens. Spinach is on the front (right) row. Mesclun salad mix and Simpson lettuce are in the 2nd.
With all the rain we've been getting, I expect I'll see early growth as early as next week. Harvest time is supposed to be 45-60 days from planting. :)

My "greenhouses" are coming along beautifully, too.

Some of the lettuces started poking through on Tuesday evening - only 3 days after I planted them. Here they are, 5 days since planting.
In particular, I'm very happy about the tomatoes that seem to be growing. I've never started tomatoes from seed before, but they seem to be doing what they're supposed to. If you look carefully, the little white specks in the photo are the beginnings of tomato plants.

Finally, just a pic of the entire tray. Left to right - rosemary/dill, cilantro, sweet basil, large leaf basil, big boy tomatoes, roma tomatoes, sweet tomatoes, green onions, spinach, mesclun, black seeded simpson and simpson.


The Sinks said...

Wow, looks great! You've been working hard! How did you do this with the kids around?!?

BTW: I really like the new blog layout!

The Crowley's said...

Good for you Rebekah! If you need gardening tips Danny has learned a few thing our last 3 years of having a garden that he'll pass along.

Rebekah said...

Cristen - I do this on weekends or during nap time. Both my kids "sleep" mostly at the same time during the afternoons, so once I'm sure they're relatively out, I go outside. Of course, I check on them regularly, but it generally works well. I had to cut things a little short earlier this week because Erin woke up earlier than normal, but I was pretty much done anyway.

Tammy - Do you all have experience starting from seed with things like tomato and pepper? Those are the two "big ones" I'm hoping turn out well, but have never done it before. Also, any thoughts about rocky soil? The only down side to the garden area is that it seems to be full of small - like goldfish tank small - pebbles...

The Crowley's said...

Hey Rebekah,
Here is Danny's advice:
For your tomato seedlings make sure you keep even moisture-they tend to get angry when they dry out and don't let them get "leggy" (too much stem). They won't produce later on if that happens. To avoid getting leggy they need 12 to 14 hours of light a day. You can get a UV/Florescent light at Wal-mart for $6 and keep no more than 4" above the tops of the leaves.
For the garden: I would think about running 2x8 around it and making it a raised bed. That way you can get good quality ammended soil in there and pretty much eliminate any problems with your pebbley soil. You can get free horse manure on Craigslist (go to the free section and search manure)...horse poo is better than cow poo b/c with one stomach horses don't over digest their feed so it leaves more nutrients to go into the soil. You will need to add extra nitrogen (I use bloodmeal b/c it's organic) to help breakdown the horse manure and not rob nitrogen from your plants. But too much nitrogen will cause your plants to be extra leafy and not produce fruit. Just follow directions on the bag. All that applies to the peppers as well. We are moving back to Roanoke hopefully within the next month so if you have any more questions you can pick Danny's brain at church :)

Rebekah said...

Tammy - thanks loads! I think we're a bit late to be starting a lot of that for this year, but I am pretty sure we'll be able to do a lot of it next year! I would have NEVER thought to look for horse poo on craigslist! But, whatever works!!! I still might look into that for this season.

We're so excited about having you come back to the area. :)