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It seems I had gotten on a roll with posting about a week or two ago and then I proceeded to have a long absence. I apologize for this. Things have been crazy this week, but I'm hoping things will start to slow down a little in the coming weeks. However, with Sarah's wedding coming up, this may not be the case. :)

A few random updates...

Patrick is growing and blossoming rapidly. His vocabulary is expanding daily, it seems, and he repeats almost everything we say. He gets very excited about his communication. Just this morning, we were at a friend's house for a play date. There was a fish tank in the room and Patrick kept saying, "Fish!" over and over again. Sometimes he would stand in front of the tank and watch and other times he would come over to me and say "Fish!" with a bright-eyed enthusiasm just to make sure I knew they were there.

Erin, too, is changing at lightning speed. Since Patrick's birthday, Erin has learned to pull herself to standing and she is working on learning to cruise. Her balance is improving, though I still have not seen her stand without holding on to something. While Erin can crawl on all fours (also, a new development), she still prefers her "army crawl" as she is much speedier that way. Because of her new-found ability to pull herself to standing, we have needed to lower her crib mattress. We initially lowered it about a month ago because she was getting too tall to sit in her crib in the infant setting. Just yesterday, we lowered the crib to the lowest setting because the rail was at armpit height on her. Erin has also begun to experiment with words and I believe that she has intentionally said, "Baby" and "Mommy" - both on prompt. She loves to play peek-a-boo. :)

Cloth diapering has continued to work well for both kiddos. Patrick sometimes has leaks if we are out and he's spent a while in his car seat or if he has a lot to drink, but Erin has been fine. On an average day, I use 100% cloth on Erin and 6 out of 7 diapers used on Patrick are cloth. Both kids seem very comfortable in their cloth and we've already seen the significant drop in diaper costs.

I usually need to wash every other day, but this has yet to be an issue. In fact, I find that washing diapers usually inspires me to wash another load of regular laundry on the same day. Thus far, having the diapers has helped me to stay more on top of laundry than I had been in the past - doing laundry in a timely manner has always been a challenge for me, but washing small loads every other day seems much more effective than washing a huge load once or twice a week. :)

The garden is coming along nicely. The lettuces are coming up very nicely so far. The spinach has only been a marginal success as we have about 5 plants coming up out of the entire row I planted, but this is a trial year after all! :) This afternoon, I went outside and thinned out the lettuce and was pleased to see that some of the plants are several inches tall. I'm guessing that within a week or two, I'll begin bringing in lettuce for dinner!

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