Long Overdue Photos

I found Patrick going through the bottles cabinet - as he loves to do - but he had put the snowmen around his neck... I guess they were his little friends! :)

A very bad photo of me, but I love this one anyway. Erin wasn't feeling well one evening. Daniel brought her in to the bedroom for me to hold and she fell back asleep. I love moments like this, though they are few and far between.

Grampa and Gramma gave Patrick and Erin a water table for their birthdays. This was Patrick's first time playing with it... he had a blast. :)

I walked into the living room one morning to find Patrick sitting in Erin's car seat... of course, it was the wrong way, but obviously Patrick and Erin were having a blast.
One of Patrick's new favorite play-time activities is building towers... he loves doing this with legos and the "snowflakes" that you see above, but I've also seen him build towers with banana slices and bottle top covers.
The weather warmed up drastically last weekend, so we took advantage of it and took the kids to the park. Patrick loved looking at the wood chips along the path.
On this same outing, Patrick learned how to go down the big kid slide. He loved it.
Erin enjoyed sitting in her stroller while Patrick played.
Taken just yesterday, Erin shows off her first ever birthday card - compliments of Great-Grampa and Great-Granny. :)


Lydia said...

I love them so!! I must come visit again!

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