More on Cloth

So, I'm nearly 3 weeks into using cloth on the kiddos and I still love it... in fact, I think I like it a little more each day. We've had a few small challenges since beginning CD, but nothing horrible.

My assessments of the various diapers:

Prefolds w/ cover - I only tried these on Erin and I only used them once or twice, so I don't have much experience with them.
  • Pros: As far as serving the purpose, they worked fine.
  • Cons: I didn't have any pins or snappis, so it took more effort than I deemed ideal to get everything situated. The moisture was kept right on Erin's skin, which could be problematic long-term.

Happy Heinys - I have used these the least (and probably like them the least) of all the pocket diapers, however after trying them several times, I opted to buy 4 used from a friend.
  • Pros: They are super easy to stuff. Probably the easiest of the three brands I tried. These diapers use velcro, not snaps - a plus in my opinion. The inserts are contoured, not rectangular like the others we have. This seems to prevent the diaper from becoming too bulky.
  • Cons: These are not made nearly as well as bumGenius or Fuzzi Bunz. I have 4 and each one looks a little different - the cut isn't identical, the stitching is different. This basically means that each diaper might fit your child a little differently even though you're using the same brand. They seem prone to leaks sooner than the other brands I tried.

Fuzzi Bunz - I used these as much as the bumGenius during my trial run before deciding which brand diaper to purchase. While I liked these diapers, I opted not to buy any. In the event that we get more diapers over time, I might order a few of these just for variety, but this will only happen if the need for more diapers arises.
  • Pros - They fit well and appear to function like most 'sposies I tried. These seem to be well made and are not likely to wear out easily. A good diaper, in my opinion.
  • Cons - Closures are snaps rather than velcro. While this may be more secure than velcro, finding the right fit can be difficult. If you are working with a squirmy baby, trying to fasten two snaps on each side is no easy task.

bumGenius - These were my favorites out of the 4 brands we used. Therefore, I purchased 7 within a week of first trying them. Because I liked them so much, I purchased another 12 diapers one week after I ordered our first batch, bringing my total BG count to 19.
  • Pros - These diapers are very well made and are relatively easy to put on. I usually have to readjust the velcro on each side once or twice, but they are about as easy as a sposie. Except in the instance of leaving a diaper on way too long, I've never had them leak. They have somewhat stretchy tabs which make finding a custom fit easier than a diaper with snaps.
  • Cons - These are probably the hardest diaper to stuff because of the flap that covers the inner pocket opening. They are also a little bulky and I sometimes have trouble finding pants that fit properly over them. However, that's what baby legs are for, right? ;)
I've found that using cloth on Patrick works beautifully on days we're home. Happy Heinys are great for that 2-3 hour stretch between morning poo and nap time as well as between nap time and bedtime - hence why I bought 4. I use the BG on him for nap time and as necessary. Interestingly, Patrick seems to prefer cloth to 'sposies. We're using Pampers on him at night still because I'm not ready to risk a major leak at 5:30 am (or possibly earlier) when he gets his first diaper change of the day. But, we noticed that after Patrick had spent a majority of the day in cloth and we changed him into a 'sposie for bedtime, he was squirming around and tugging at the back of his pants as though he was asking, "what in the world did they put on me?!" As of yesterday, Patrick has accurately notified me of poos when he has been wearing cloth. :) This is quite the accomplishment.

I mentioned above that we've had a few challenges arise since we started using cloth. In the past, both my kids have had issues with "toxic teething poo" - the kind of poo that leaves their bums burned. Erin just had 4 teeth poke through in the last few weeks and seems to be working on at least 2 more. Needless to say, her poos have been terrible. If I don't notice the poo immediately, the already raw and broken skin gets more burned. In addition, Erin has taken to pooing after we put her to bed... this is a problem that usually requires a middle of the night baking soda bath.

The other issue is that most diaper creams - homemade or otherwise - are not cloth compatible, meaning a fleece liner should be used between the baby and the diaper. I've been trying to find creams that are safe to use with CDs, but nothing seems to be available locally. The CD safe creams are available online, but can be pricey and would also require a shipping fee.

This bout of diaper burn has required more care than any other I've handled before. I make my own diaper balm, but opted to get a pre-made kind for this bout of burn, so I can alternate skincare. I purchased Aveeno diaper cream and have been using that since Sunday.

Daniel had an old fleece that he was willing to let me cut up to use as liners for the CDs. We've been doing this with pretty good success. I made the mistake once of putting the flushable liner between Erin and the diaper and that was a big mistake... a nice, thick layer of the Aveeno cream leaked through onto the diaper, so I've been stripping the soiled one, along with the rest of my wash (today was a wash day anyway) all morning.

In an effort to get Erin's bum healed, I've dedicated today to diligently applying different balms to her bum. This means checking her diaper hourly, reapplying balms, and changing the diaper as necessary. Because of the diaper cream issue, I've been using 'sposies rather than cloth. Hopefully, we can resume primary cloth use on her in a day or two.


Gail and Keith said...

I used cloth diapers for 3 of my 4 kids and they did just fine. I even enjoyed washing the diapers and hanging on the clothesline to dry in the fresh air and sunshine. We used disposables when we went to church or other outings. Come 4th baby, we went all disposable and did not for one minute miss cloth! Enjoy your little one; children are a gift from the Lord. Blessed is the man/woman who has his quiver full of them! G

Papa said...

Hi Rebekah - Dave Brenneman here. Samuel sent me a link to your blog, as i've just started using cloth diapers on my son, who's 4mos old now. We're using BumGenius diapers as well, on the recommendations of the staff of Jillian's Drawers http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/

The Mrs. and I went there while on vacation in Ithaca, and were really impressed by how helpful the staff were. We picked up a couple different varieties of cloth diaper while we were there, and ultimately went with the BumGenius organic version. They don't have a pocket, and the liner is built in. So far they seem to be working well.

Just curious to know why you said that some varieties of diaper rash cream do not work with cloth diapers. I just checked the website of the brand we've been using, and didn't see anything about not using it with cloth. Am I missing something?

Hope you're doing well.


Rebekah said...

Dave - Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. :) And, congrats on your little boy. I checked out your blog - your son is adorable.

In regard to the diaper creams - As I understand it, using diaper cream of any sort without a liner will cause build up in the diaper and will eventually cause repelling and odor issues.

I ordered my BGOS from http://www.cottonbabies.com/ and received an email notice on diaper care. This is a direct quote from the email...

"As for rash creams, you may use the type of cream that you feel is necessary, or one that your doctor recommends. You will need to use a piece of fabric (or bumGenius Stay-Dry liner if you want to maintain the same stay-dry effect for your baby) between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers. After use, wash the liners separately to avoid the oils in the creams or lotions from transferring to the diapers through the wash cycle. We have found that the bumGenius Bottom Cleaner works well for bottom cleaning during a diaper change and does not leave a residue in the diaper that will block absorbency. We do not recommend cornstarch or baby powder."

I do use cornstarch or baby powder sometimes, but I use the biodegradable poo liners as a barrier rather than the fleece liners I made out of Daniel's old shirt.

I'm not sure if you've ever had to strip your diapers, but it is a pain. I literally ran the diapers through the wash 5 times - once regularly for the initial cleaning, once with 1T dawn dish detergent (the stripping agent), 3 times after that - once all the soap bubbles were gone during the agitation cycle. While it can be good to do this as preventative maintenance, it would be ideal to have time to plan for it rather than needing to do it out of necessity.

I hope that helps. Curiosity compels me to ask why you chose the organic over the regular.

Take care.

Papa said...

Thanks for the info; that is good to know. I opted for the organic over the regular for two reasons - one, the organic BG diaper has a stitched pad rather than an insert. I liked the idea of the all-in-one variety rather than the removable liner, as it seemed simpler to me. One less thing to remember for the diaper bag, washed all at once, etc. However, I haven't used the non-organic, so it's more a mental calculation instead of the result of actual use.

Second, I try to buy organic cotton when possible as I've heard the chemical runoff from processing cotton is fairly toxic. The organic cotton definitely means more cost up front, but it's still cheaper than disposables.

Again, thanks for the information.