Pics from Patrick's Birthday

The dinner table. There were too many people to eat at the table, so we used it as a buffet and sat in the living room to eat.

Gramma reading Patrick's card from Aunty Sarah and Almost Uncle John. :)

Grampa and Gramma gave Patrick a water/sand table. Patrick was very excited about this and Erin was very interested, too. (Side note: I love Erin's baby legs and CD bum!)
Along with the movie "Cars", Aunty Sarah and John also gave Patrick an animals book.

The sand/water table set up - including umbrella!

Patrick's cake. He loves ducks right now and as it was his nursery theme, I opted to make a "duck pond" - so, it's a little boring, but he liked it! :)

Patrick enjoyed playing with the ducks off the cake, but was a little doubtful about the edibility of the cake.

Patrick finally tasted the cake - whole wheat carrot cake - and seemed to enjoy it...

... particularly the cream cheese icing. :)

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Brooke said...

Very cute! Good job on the cake!