Earthquake in Virginia!

4:08 this morning, it sounded like a tree fell on our house.  The noise only lasted a few seconds (maybe less?) and the shaking was minor (it only registered 2.6), but for our area, this is no small thing. 

It is amazing how time seems to stand still in a moment of uncertainty.

Daniel woke up and said, “What was THAT?!” and was out of bed before his sentence was finished.  Daniel sleeps like the dead, but the noise woke him up. 

We had just been up to change Patrick’s diaper and to get him something to drink, but I hadn’t fallen back to sleep.  I think I was in that 1/2 asleep mode, though.  The whole thing was totally surreal.  I remember the *bang* (for lack of a better word), thinking “What just happened to my house?!  Is someone breaking in?”, Daniel jumping out of bed and the sound of the photos on the wall above us rattling. 

The rattling of the photos was the thing that cued me in to the probability of it being an earthquake.  We’re in Virginia – these things *don’t* happen here, so it isn’t the first thing you think of when your house suddenly shakes.

I figured that if it was an earthquake or some other natural event, my parents who live a mile away would have felt or heard it, too.  So, I called them to see “if they felt/heard that".  My dad said they had heard it and weren’t sure what it was.  We all pretty quickly determined that it must have been an earthquake.

Natural “disasters” can be unsettling and they are a concrete reminder that this world is not our home, it is our temporary dwelling place.  As I started drifting back to sleep, I remember thinking that the 2nd coming of Jesus to bring His children home is yet another moment closer. 

We grow closer to His coming with each second and should be in constant awareness of this, knowing that our sole purpose here on earth is to bring glory to Him.


Brianne said...

Thanks for putting that spin on it - my gut reaction regrettably is just pure, plain worry.

Cilla said...

wow, an earthquake!? oh my! :)glad y'all are okay!

Janey said...

whoa - that is surreal. Thanks for posting. Yes, we need to always be ready for Him.