The Simple Things

Ask anyone who has ever lived with me and they’ll readily tell you – I’m not much of a morning person. I’d rather stay up till 2:00 and sleep till 10:00 than go to bed at 10:00 (or earlier!) and sleep till 6:00. My body clock just isn’t wired that way. My mind comes alive at nights, which makes shutting down for the evening a bit of a challenge. :-p

This late sleeping schedule worked pretty well for me until I graduated from college and began working. I would just barely roll out of bed in time to get ready for work. Somehow, I usually made it to work on time.

Then, of course, I got married. We started our family early and as anyone who has ever had kids probably knows, most kids are early risers – especially if they have the “standard” 8:00pm bedtime.

I’ve done everything I know how to get him to sleep later, but it seems that Patrick wakes up between 6:00 and 7:00 am. Sometimes, he wakes up as early as 5:00. Just last weekend, we put a thick blanket up behind the curtains on each of the two windows in the kids’ bedroom in effort to keep out some of the morning sun. (Why I picked white paper shades for a bedroom that gets a lot of sun is beyond me…)

The decreased light has helped some in keeping the kids asleep for longer in the morning, though it has worked far better for Erin than Patrick. She is easily sleeping until 7:00 or a little after before she wakes up for her morning diaper change and bottle. We always put the kids back in their cribs after their morning diaper change for about an hour of quiet play time – though sometimes “quiet” is a relative term – before we get them up for the day. This allows me time to drink a jumbo cup of coffee (Thank you, God, for 18oz coffee mugs!) and to attempt to be in somewhat of a coherent state before the kids get up.

This all having been said, why in the world am I posting at 7:30 am? Two words… Patrick and coffee. Patrick woke up shortly after 6:15 this morning. As he always does, Daniel changed Patrick’s diaper. I got the kids respective beverages ready and fumbled about to make coffee while Daniel tended to Patrick. I’ve been sipping on the same large "Starbucks” mug of coffee ever since.

Once my coffee was ready, I went back to bed and drank that lovely black beverage in peace and quiet in the dark. Ahh… Truth be told, that really is a great way to begin my morning. After about 40 minutes, I heard Patrick babbling, mostly incoherently, in the other room. I love hearing his little voice through the wall in the mornings – especially when he’s “reading” to himself. I’m not sure which book he was looking at, but after a while, I heard him say, “Dog!… *pause* Cat! Meooowwwwww…” I couldn’t help but smile to myself – while I think kids are cute nearly all the time, there is something about the mornings that makes them even more adorable. Their little minds are refreshed after a good night’s sleep and they are generally happy and ready to see what adventures await them for the day. :)


The Crowley's said...

Hopefully they'll start sleeping later for you as they get a bit older. Chubs used to get up early and in the past 6 months he's been sleeping in until 9:00 sometimes 9:30!!! Joey is getting better too, most days 8am is his rising time. Granted my kids have not always slept through the night at a young age but hey I'll take what I can get :) Praise the Lord for COFFEE!!!!

The Sinks said...

Oh, I am so there with you. I totally come alive at night and get so energized and ready to conquer new things, but my little one is such an early riser too. I like the idea of morning play time in the crib. Might have to try that...!