My Granddad

I apologize once again for my long absence.  Life, it seems, has been super crazy and with the recent passing of my granddad, we’ve been in a grieving/adjustment phase of life.

My granddad was an amazing person and I’m sad to see him go, though I rejoice that he is with the Lord and that he is with my grandmother – his wife of 54 years – once again. 

One of the things I am saddened by the most is that my children won’t remember their great-grandfather.  He was a dear man who loved the Lord and who, in turn, loved his family.  I think he was very proud to have lived long enough to meet two great-grandchildren.

Amazingly, my children have met 3 of their great-grandparents.  This is something I’m very thankful for, as all of my great-grandparents had passed away by the time I was born.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few photos of my granddad with my kids.

The day Granddad met Patrick.  :)New Photos 463

Family gathering around Christmas, 2007 – Granddad with most of his grandkids and Patrick.

Christmas 2007 078

March 2008 – I was 7ish months pregnant with Erin here.


Granddad meets Erin for the first time.  She was just a few days old.


While I miss my granddad, I am so thankful for the many years of my life that he was here.  :)


Ruth said...

So sorry about your granddad. You will treasure these photos of him with your little ones. God bless!

(Ruth- Tammy's mom)

Janey said...

those pictures are so precious!

Krisha said...

ohh that made me cry. And I can't say I ever met him. ok.. going to get a tissue now...