“Baywee b’ Cat” Moves In…

I’ve wanted a cat for quite some time and have talked about owning a little gray one since before Daniel and I were married. I love animals, but am not much of a dog person. I’ve had a plethora of fish, hamsters, a handful of aquatic frogs, and a slider turtle, but never a cat.

Just last Thursday, Daniel and I were (for the umpteenth time) discussing the matter of owning a cat, though we saw this as something in the far-distant future. Through a quick series of events, doors opened up and yesterday, we brought home a precious 14 week old male kitten. (We adopted him through a local animal shelter which provided all his shots, to date and neutering.)

In an attempt to find a name the kids can easily learn to pronounce, we decided to call him Bailey. As the title of this post indicates, “Baywee” is the closest Patrick has gotten to saying the kitty’s name. Somehow, “the cat” – or “b’ cat” as Patrick says – got added on when the kids are talking about Bailey.

We thought the kids would enjoy having a cat, but I don’t think either Daniel or I realized how quickly Patrick and Erin would fall in love with him. Both absolutely adore Bailey – Patrick demonstrates this by gently petting Bailey and by frequently saying, “Baywee… come here!” or just by announcing “Baywee, b’ cat!” – and Erin often chases the kitty exclaiming, “Oooohh!” or singing the chorus of ‘Old MacDonald’. Erin is remarkably gentle with the kitty for her age, seeming to understand that he is smaller that she is and that he could get hurt.

Anyway, the 24+ hours with Bailey have been easier than I anticipated as he seems to be a very mild-mannered, sweet kitten. Here are some photos of Bailey with various family members.

Bailey is tiny, weighing in at about 2.5lbs.


The kids with Bailey just a few hours after we brought him home.IMG_7270

Not sure what Erin was doing here, but Patrick was “reading” to Bailey.



My personal favorites: My mom isn’t a big fan of cats, but because the kids love him, she does, too. :)




Emily said...

very cute! :) i love the look on your mom's face! :) so sweet! and Bailey B. Cat looks like a fine addition to your family indeed! :)

Jeff said...

Too cute!! Looks like you guys made a good decision making him a part of the family!! Congrats!

Jeff said...

So Jeff is actually Lydia...I didn't know Jeff was logged into his account on here...Just in case you were thoroughly confused! Love you!

Anne said...

Awww, how cute!! I have a new one at my house too - Henry. He's about 12 weeks old. They're so much fun, aren't they?

Leslie said...

Bailey is just too cute. I am so glad the kids love him and are so gentle.