Sunday Lunch with Family and Friends

Yesterday, we went to lunch at my parents’ house.  My sister and her husband and another family from church came, too.  :)  We had a delightful afternoon of food and fellowship while the kids played.

Around the table.  Food was YUMMY! (Yes, I am holding a baby… Surprise, surprise… I love babies, but feel a special connection to little Justus as I was Lauren’s doula during the nighttime hours of her labor.)image


Erin being her usual, happy self.  :)


Developmentally, Lydia, Patrick and Erin are more into playing near each other rather than with each other.  It is a lot of fun to watch.  (Those toys were mine when I was little.  )



And just for fun, a pic of Erin and me from a previous recent visit at my parents’ house.



Lydia said...

I love Erin's smile! Too cute! And that Lydia is a cutie! Great pics!

Janey said...

thanks for posting!! I enjoy every morsel!!