If you're like many people I know, you at least enjoy a good bowl of popcorn every now and again. The biggest down-side standard microwave or stove-top cooked popcorn is that you add a lot of unnecessary calories by cooking it in oil or butter.

I love air-popped pop corn with butter spray, salt and some extra seasoning on top - ranch dressing powder, chili powder, omit the salt and use garlic salt... there is SO much you can do to make a fantastic bit of popcorn without adding a lot of fat and unnecessary calories.

The only thing I don't like about traditional air-poppers is that they can sometimes make quite a mess - particularly if/when a kernel that has already landed in the bowl decides to pop... it is like a volcano of popcorn.

I recently read that you can air-pop popcorn in the microwave by putting 3ish tablespoons of plain popcorn into a brown paper lunch bag. Seal it with tape and throw in the microwave as though it was a store-bought variety.

I opted to try the above microwave-air popped method (and seasoned with butter-spray, salt and ranch powder) this afternoon and was quite pleased with the results. I do have a high-power microwave and bits of the popcorn were a little over-cooked, though not burned. Next time, I'll lower the power setting to 80% or so. Just stand next to the microwave and listen - once there is a 2 second pause after you hear a "pop", you know the popcorn is done.

It is well worth the experiment to enjoy a low-calorie, flavorful, (not to mention) filling afternoon snack. :)


SarahRachel said...

Oooh- what a great suggestion! I'll have to try that!

Amber said...

I make my popcorn on the stove. SO good!

amanda said...

I nominated you for a Sweet Blog award here: