Daniel thought of me this morning when he saw the sunrise from the church office where he had gone for a mens' Bible study.  Though it is a little blurry, this is a truly beautiful shot. Thankful for Daniel who thought of me and captured a moment he knew I would have stood in awe, looking on, had I been there with him.

On a different note of beauty, I was tucking Erin into bed tonight.  (Most nights, I give Patrick a back rub and Erin a nose kiss.)   I told her how much I love her - "all the way to the moon and back" - and that "I will always love you.".  

Erin is all into "when I'm bigger like you..." right now.  

So, she goes off on, "When I'm bigger, I'll be a mommy like you.  And Daddy (I had to explain that it would be her own husband, not daddy!) will go downstairs and get me coffee and give it to me in bed.  And, when my eyes are itching, I'll wear glasses just like you!"

It was precious.  

And, I was amazed by how observant she was by our morning routine!  Kids don't miss a thing.  

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Patricia said...

i love the picture =)