Fully Living in the Moment

Today has been a day full of the little blessings.  Little blessings.  Every second of every day is a gift from God.  Every breath, every smile, every hug, every cloud, every rain drop. They are all blessings.

I often struggle with not slowing down long enough to be genuinely interested in the things my children want to talk to me about or the things they want to show me.  When Erin wants to tell me about her "Baby Bunny" or Patrick wants to show me a map he has found in a book, it is a genuine challenge for me to stop.  To remember that relationships are more important than taking a nap when I'm exhausted or checking an item off of a to-do list.  
Patrick has loved books for as long as I can remember.  When he was little, he would often sit and look at the same book, over and over and over again, studying it intently.  In many ways, he hasn't changed.  He still loves books.  And he loves to share the excitement he experiences from his books with me.

One thing I've noticed, particularly since we've started doing Glory Hunts, is that Patrick asks me to take a picture of something he likes.  Prior to Glory Hunts, he had perhaps asked Daniel once or twice to take a picture of a stick or pine cone when they have gone on mini-hikes together.  But, since then, his requests for photos are much more frequent.  He is learning to find joy - to see the gifts - in the small things.

"Three Planets."

The same precious face he made as a young toddler, mesmerized by books.

Today it sort of hit me, when I spent 15+ minutes with Patrick while he showed me the things he loved from his book, that you don't have to go outdoors to have a Glory Hunt.  If you are fully living where you are each moment of each day, you clearly see the glory of the Father.  Today, I tried to go on a glory hunt wherever I was, specifically inside my home.  Oh, how many blessings have I missed because I just wasn't paying attention?!  I am truly surrounded by His blessings.

 This, taken from a window at the top of our stairs.

The cactus in my kitchen.  I've had him since my college years and his name is "Pete".

The warm glow of a homemade candle.

My dear Erin and her already-strong nurturing instinct.  I have no doubt she will be a fantastic mother one day. 

My baby, Cammon MacKenzie, who woke up around 10p for no obvious reason.  I brought her down for a few minutes of play before giving her a 2nd bottle and putting her back to bed.  She's my little dancer.

Cammon, like Patrick and Erin, also loves books.

The photos, specifically of the kiddos, in this post are generally blurry - they are active and move a lot!  That is part of what I love about them.  :)

Then, there are the moments I was not able to capture in photos...  

At church - 
  • Worship with the body of believers.
  • Erin, who sat in the row behind us with my parents, coming around to me, just to give me a hug and to say, "I love you, Mommy.".  
  • Holding a young baby - a baby I witnessed enter the world - during the sermon so his mom could have an opportunity to take notes.  The beautiful spit-up-babywash smell of tiny ones.

Outdoors - 
  • Rays of sunshine peeking through thick clouds, and the bright edges it highlighted in the clouds

More from home - 
  • A hug from my mom, who popped in on her way home from church small group, just to say "goodnight.".  
  • A visit from a friend and her son and the sometimes overwhelming noise generated by three 4-5 year olds having fun.  
  • Sitting on the sofa with Daniel while he ate lunch.
By His grace, I am slowly learning to live in the moment.  My calling as a wife and mother is to nurture my family - the people God has entrusted to me.  Sure, the toilets need to be cleaned, the dishes washed, the clothes folded and put away, but stewardship over my children, taking time to nurture them, taking them on Glory Hunts, pointing them to Jesus and helping them understand their need of Him - those are the things that really matter.

Everywhere I look, I see that I am blessed.  Thank you, Lord, for today.  All is grace!

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